The Team

Sean Flanagan: Sean is first and foremost a Christian family man and second, a serial entrepreneur When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife Tracey and their 3 children, Logan, Bailey and Kiersten. His hobbies are surfing, jiu-jitsu and coaching his kids at their wrestling matches.​
As a real estate investor in one of the most competitive markets in the country, he created and founded the Lucky Buys Yucky Houses®brand, out of necessity, and went on to use it to dominate his local market for years to come.
Sean has been a real estate investor for 15 years and still actively buys, sells and owns properties in the Central Florida market, while also operating a licensing business for the Lucky Buys Yucky Houses brand and helping other investors nationwide advance their real estate businesses by using his proven marketing materials and brand.

Keith Leland: Keith manages all licensee-focused sales and marketing efforts. Keith holds a B.A. in psychology from Florida State University. Keith has previously served as a marketing and sales director at Oracle and also consulted for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. He's really good at his job and as a result, Sean overpays him.
Fun fact: Keith is the only Seminoles fan in the office and takes a ton of verbal abuse from the Gators fans. In his free time, Keith enjoys watching his Seminoles stumble and fumble up and down the football field. Sometimes he drinks too much beer on Saturday, to drown his sorrow when the Seminoles lose.

Brutus: Brutus is a rescue and almost always has his tongue sticking out. If we had to name him over again, he would probably be called Jordan, in honor of the greatest basketball player ever to play the game (and who was known for his tongue always sticking out). Brutus is old now, but in his day he moved quicker than Michael
Lulu: Lulu is a midget Dachshund with crazy looking spots all over. They call her a "Dapple". She thinks she's tough and will attack a pit Bull's ankles if provoked. She's Sean's daughters dog, but since she doesn't walk her enough, we hired steve Allen to do it.

Tina Sanchez: Tina is a licensee acquisition specialist. She's originally from Chicago, but moved to the Orlando area with her family over 10 years ago.
When not working, she enjoys dancing, movies and going to her Alma Maters home football games, the Florida Gators.
Tina is another Gators fan. It's rare that we hire seminoles fans here. It's rumored that she may have lied on her application about being a Gators fan, and is really a "closet" seminole. If this is proven to be true, she may be out of a job.
In her free time, Tina enjoys the beach, surfing, jogging, working out, fishing watching the UFC and of course, drinking the occasional cold beer.

Steve Allen: Steve is responsible for walking Brutus and Lulu, the two office pet's. When he's not serving as our dog walker, he helps out with our business development.

Steve has a BS in Optical Engineering, which clearly wasn't worth the student loans he took out to get the degree. Lucky Buys Yucky Houses® has nothing to do with optical engineering and yet it's his best paying job to date. All joking aside, Steve brings a wealth of business development experience into our business and he does a great job of developing and implementing growth oppertunities for the Lucky Buys Yucky Houses® brand.

Dana Lynn: Dana is a new addition to our team. She is a licensee acquisition specialist who is passionate about customer relations. She was born in Ohio, but moved to the great city of Ocala, Florida, where she spent the rest of her childhood years. She now resides by the beach, where she can be found spending most of her free time.

Dana loves riding dirt bikes and four wheelers, boating and work. She doesn't watch football. For some reason, she's a San Francisco Giants baseball fan.

Mandy Jenkins: Mandy is a dog lover, dedicated customer service manager and part time real estate investor.
When not working, she enjoys dancing, movies and going to her Alma Maters home football games, the Florida Gators.