#1 All Motivated Sellers (Attractive Woman)

#2 All Motivated Sellers

#3 Guaranteed Offer (Seasoned Investors)

#4 High Equity Sellers

#5 Quick Sale Motivated Sellers

#6 Motivated Probate Seller Leads

#9 All Motivated Sellers (Attractive Woman) :15

#10 Probate/Testimonial

#11 Spanish Commercial (15 sec

#12 Spanish Commercial (30 sec)

#13 African American

#14 Leprechaun Voice



What is the cost?
There is a very small one time set up fee to set up your call routing and website. We charge a flat monthly license fee based on the population or market rank of the exclusive market area that you license. That fee ranges anywhere from $47 to $297 per month.

Why would I want to build your brand instead of mine?
A common misconception amongst investors is that they have a "brand", when in reality, that's almost never the case. Lucky Buys Yucky Houses® is a national brand, complete with TV commercials and other branded marketing materials being distributed nationwide. Instead of looking at the opportunity to use the Lucky Buys Yucky Houses® brand in your area as "building someone else's brand", see it for what it really is, which is an opportunity to align your real estate business with a national brand and use the credibility which comes along with it to your advantage. Our licensees use the TV commercials, radio advertisements, postcards and all other branded materials to generate quality leads, but they always "do business" in their own companies name, thus building their "brand" as well, without investing the hundreds of thousand of dollars and years of time that it takes to build an actual brand.

Can I talk to licensees currently using the program before I sign up?
After you sign up, we will never pass your phone number out to prospective licensees so they can call you and take up your valuable time and we grant that same courtesy to our current paying customers. Our licensees pay us to use the brand, not to talk to our licensing prospects and help us sell them licenses. Using the Lucky Buys Yucky Houses® brand in your business adds tremendous value and if you see that, you should get started.

Is this a franchise and do you charge a fee each time I do a deal?
The answer to both questions is absolutely not! Our program is designed to make your phone ring…. a lot! We are not offering a franchise opportunity nor do we collect royalties or charge huge start fees.

How do you determine territories?
Unlike our competitors, when you become a Lucky Buys Yucky Houses® representative you will have an exclusive territory. Once you purchase your territory, as long as you continue to pay the low monthly licensing investment, your competitors can never steal your territory away from you.

Other companies have told me that websites are important in real estate investing. Is this true?
Good question. While the World Wide Web is a huge marketing platform, we have not found it to be as good of a lead generator as one would think. Who knows exactly why that is, but it seems to be true. Speculation is that maybe people with money problems are less likely to be looking on the internet to sell their house or that sellers who are in a bad position are less likely to be familiar with the internet. One way or another it just does not seem to produce good, quality leads like some people would lead you to believe. We would rather under promise and over deliver to you so we do not want to overstate the importance of the internet. You will find that your "bread and butter" lead generator will be mass media. However, we do have a high impact website set up which you can benefit from.

How does the call routing work?
Our proprietary call routing system recognizes where prospects call from and routes them instantly to the appropriate licensee. You will not need any special equipment, and you do not need to change your long-distance carrier. We do everything for you. You simply provide us with a local phone number, and all calls made to 800-22-LUCKY from your exclusive market area are routed directly to that local number.

I am ready to take advantage of your program. How do I get started?
Congratulations!! You are taking a step in the right direction. Just click here to GET STARTED NOW.